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Luxindo Perkasa

Luxindo Perkasa as special lighting, industrial, oil & gas  and energy savings lighting product solutions is in the fore front of trade in this region. Since its inception in march 2010, expanded and developed into an effective organization to serve fully wider spectrum of customers in the commercial buildings, residentials, Roadway and Port Infrastructures, Industrials, Minings, Oil and Gas Sectors.

With the strong and sophisticated support from reputable manufactur principals and experience staffs, we had reached high level of strength to supply our customers fully extensive range of quality products to suit their various needs.

We give solution for Green Energy Control that can be apply on H.I.D magnetic ballast without change of existing installations.

The confidence from our customers have given and has encouraged us to strive even harder and we have established high standard of supply activity by further combining, the capacity and capability and accredited sourcing associates throughout USA, UK, Europe and Japan principles to offer Total Suply package concepts, to ease their procurement workload and at the same time to enable and enjoy competitive bulk products and freight saving benefits. Our staff can provide the price by FOB, C&F, CIF and delivery to site. It all depends on the requests.


Luxindo在特殊照明、工业、石油天然气和节能照明产品解决方案等贸易领域走在行业的前端。自2010年3月成立以来, 扩大和发展成了一个有效的组织、全方位地服务客户于商业建筑,居家,道路和港口基础设施、工业、矿业、石油和天然气等行业。

从我们的信心来自于客户的鼓励,使得我们更加努力地奋斗,我们建立了高标准的供应活动的进一步整合, 容量和能力及认证采购的伙伴贯穿美国、英国、欧洲和日本,有原则性地提供包装概念, 来减轻他们采购的工作负载, 同时启用,享受有竞争力的散装产品和节省运费的好处。我们的工作人员可以提供FOB的价格,C&F,CIF和交付地点。这完全取决于你的要求。

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