GVA Lighting

Every day, thousands of lighting manufacturers around the world are developing new and exciting products for you. However, this abundance of choice also introduces complexity: you worry how to make sure that the product you choose, specify, install, and pay for will perform as promised, will be delivered on time, and offer the customization and flexibility to match your demands. That is a tough problem, but we think GVA can help you meet all of the above. Our motto is “Creating New Beauty For Our Home Planet™”, which is a goal we meet by helping create landmark, signature architectural lighting projects worldwide, in cooperation with the best architects and lighting designers. We like exploring the unchartered waters of new ideas and methods.

We design our luminaires to be the best in the world. We are not afraid of the unconventional, and we thrive on solving great engineering challenges.

We believe in unifying art and engineering: great industrial design goes hand in hand with technical excellence.

We design, manufacture, and market the products from inception to end. In-house production guarantees quality, shorter lead times, lower cost and greater flexibility. In-house engineering guarantees quick customization and feedback cycles to help us meet the demands of your specific application.

We are an exceptional and a talented team who believe in the same GVA vision, and share the same GVA values. The passion and enthusiasm of our team is contagious, and it has helped us attract great talent, partners, and clients. We sincere go the extra mile for our customers, and we hope you can be one of them in the future.

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