Since 1880 wire rope has taken the centre stage at Carl Stahl. From natural fibre ropes for the agriculture up to wire ropes to handle heavy loads. Over the years many other applications have come along. Around 20 years ago Carl Stahl began to produce stainless steel wire ropes and stainless steel wire mesh for architectural and constructional applications. Also for these high-tech applications our customers can rely on our long lasting experience and competence of our stainless steel wire rope experts.
Nowadays we are able to realise almost every imaginable use of our stainless steel wire ropes and mesh – from simple balustrade infills and wire rope constructions up to extensive zoo enclosures. The combination of steel wire mesh with a video compatible LED light module system completes the innovative capabilities.
Our business activities go further than just the delivery of our products. They include the planning and statical analysis of projects, the installation and training. We offer the complete package for our customers all over the world.

X-LED made by Carl Stahl prepares the stage for commanding illuminations and effective messages.
The innovative LED light module system showcases modern architecture and historical buildings, creates monumental landmarks and is an eye-catcher for events and exceptional marketing.
The LED light module system projects dynamic changes of color, moving images, messages, animations and videos onto building facades, bridges, displays and three-dimensional architectural installations.